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Leading Yourself

Overcoming Obstacles is the perfect speech for employees, students, athletes, volunteers or anyone else who would benefit from specific strategic advice on how to better set and achieve their goals.



veryone knows how to ‘set’ goals, but most of us haven’t been taught how to ‘achieve’ those goal. Many people will eventually figure out some strategy that they can use to achieve their goals, but many others won’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn some basic strategies about achievement that professional athletes have learned from coaches or from sports psychologist or from their own experience?

If your goal is to get an “A” in a class, to exceed your sales targets at work, to earn a promotion, to start a business, to lose weight, to raise happy and healthy children, to complete a degree, to win a championship or to do anything else that requires ambition, stamina and motivation over a long period of time, you need to learn the strategies that pro athletes use to achieve peak performance.

The reality is that most people have never been taught how to “achieve” goals. They’ve only been taught how to set them.


eggie Rivers has been achieving goals his entire life, and he believes that the reason that he’s able to turn his ambitions into realities is that he was taught how to do it, and he internalized the message because when he tried it, it worked!

In Overcoming Obstacles, Reggie shares specific strategies for achieving goals. He teaches audiences how to clearly identify things that are in their control vs. things that are outside of their control, and how to deal with each of those categories in their goal setting. He explains how successful people “recruit” opportunities into their lives. Some people seem to be luckier than others, because opportunities keep landing in their laps, but Reggie believes that anyone can be taught to recruit promotions, jobs, more education, more customers, or more of any other sort of opportunity into their lives.

Reggie uses examples that are relatable to the audience, and they allow people to immediately see how they can apply these lessons to their own lives.


our audience will walk away with strategies that they can use to achieve the following goals:

How to clearly understand the difference between what you control and what you don’t control so that you can focus your efforts on the right things.
How setting goals improperly leads to frustration and failure.
How to “properly” set goals so that you set yourself up to succeed.
How to act as if you already know that you will succeed.
How to recruit opportunties into your life.
How to handle disappointments and failures like a professional athlete, so a mistake on one play doesn’t spill over and ruin your performance on the next 10 plays.
How to define yourself by something other than merely what has happened “to you” in life.

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