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When he wasn’t writing to defend himself from his sister, Reggie was just writing. He wrote for the school newspaper. He wrote for the school year book. He wrote notes to his friends. He wrote letters to distant penpals on other Air Force bases. He wrote short stories. He wrote journal entries. He loved to write, and would write about anything at any time to anyone.

Reggie always knew that someday he would write books, he just didn’t know exactly when he would start or what his topics would be.

Reggie has published five books.

“The Vance:  The Beginning & The End” (1994)

“Power Shift” (2000)

“4th & Fixed” (2004)

“My Wife’s Boyfriend & Our Feud with the Highlands Ranch Homeowners Association” (2006)

“The Colony:  A Political Tale” (2009)