The Colony: A Political Tale
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The Colony: A Political Tale

Reggie Rivers has skillfully satirized the complex world of foreign affairs through the poignant tale of warring ant colonies. From this microscopic vantage point, readers are given a whole new perspective on our global community, its flaws and how we might improve our relationships. 

John Hickenlooper, Governor of Denver

The Colony: A Political Tale

The Colony: A Political Tale is an allegory about foreign policy told through two colonies of ants. The story describes the political, economic and military manipulations that the army ants of the Alpha Zee tribe use to gain control over a mushroom-type fungus grown in Antistan.

Synopsis: Antistan is a peaceful ant colony that grows a highly nutritious fungus in its underground farms. When the nomadic army ants of the Alpha Zee Colony discover the fungus, they realize they will no longer have to migrate constantly to find food a single meal of fungus will allow their soldiers to fight three times as long, their workers to work faster and longer, and the Queen to lay eggs almost endlessly. What, if anything, can the docile workers of Antistan do to protect their fungus and their way of life? The Colony is a story of political intrigue and military domination that is as old as recorded history and as current as today s headlines.

Reggie Rivers has penned todays Animal Farm. His biting satire finds one enjoying a seemingly simple tale while reflecting on the irony of today s global political structure.

Wellington Webb, former Mayor of Denver

The Colony is a smart allegory of the global struggle for dominance and resources told through the microcosm of the ant world that will be of interest to anyone who has ever been curious about the mechanics of geo-politics and empire in the struggles for resources. Writing in the tradition of Greg Costikyan s First Contract and other political satirists, Rivers offers biting commentary on the darker side of global economics, military power and the politics of resources. Rivers displays a good grasp of the politics of globalization as he crafts his theme of great power interference in and the manipulation of the domestic politics of small countries. He also deftly plots a compelling story around his charismatic ant characters. 

Alex Jurek,

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