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When he wasn’t writing to defend himself from his sister, Reggie was just writing. He wrote for the school newspaper. He wrote for the school year book. He wrote notes to his friends. He wrote letters to distant pen-pals on other Air Force bases. He wrote short stories. He wrote journal entries. He loved to write, and would write about anything at any time to anyone.

Reggie always knew that someday he would write books, he just didn’t know exactly when he would start or what his topics would be. Reggie has published six books; three of which are available to purchase below: ​”The Vance: The Beginning & The End” (1994), “Power Shift” (2000), “4th & Fixed” (2004″, “My Wife’s Boyfriend & Our Feud with the Highlands Ranch Homeowners Association” (2006), “The Colony: A Political Tale” (2009), and “Rookies & Bookies” (2014).

Rookies & Bookies

Have you ever wondered how professional football games are fixed? Former Denver Bronco Reggie Rivers delivers a page-turning tale of greed, deceit and manipulation that shows how a couple of likable yet ruthless wiseguys could fix an entire season of football games without getting caught by the NFL’s high-powered security force.

Fixing an NFL game (and getting away with it) seems just about impossible, but that really depends on “who” is involved in the fix. If it’s just low-level criminals trying to make a few bucks, they’ll have a hard time organizing the fix, and even tougher time collecting on their bets. But, just like Wall Street scandals, the higher up the food chain you go, the easier it is to get away with massive fraud. Rivers takes us into the upper echelon of the NFL to reveal how one highly motivated and greedy owner might manipulate the games in his favor. 

“Rookies & Bookies” was originally published by Sourcebooks in 2004 under the title “4th & Fixed”. After the book went out of print Sourcebooks relinquished the rights to the story back to Rivers, and he is now re-publishing the book.

Book Price: $20.00

My Wife’s Boyfriend & Our Feud with the Highlands Ranch Homeowner’s Association

My Wifes Boyfriend book

A satire about life in the suburbs. Howard Marshall is a successful executive who suspects that his wife, Sophia, is having an affair with one of the artists at her gallery.

While he grapples with that possibility, he must also deal with an inept and overbearing boss, who thinks that all women have something to sell and that he can buy it, fend of a former lover who is married but still obsessed with Howard, and fight with the “egomaniac micromanaging Nazis” on the homeowners association board who believe they hold dominion over every square-inch of his neighborhood.

Book Price: $20.00

The Colony: A Political Tale

The Colony: A Political Tale

“The Colony: A Political Tale” is an allegory about foreign policy told through two colonies of ants. It is a story of political intrigue and military domination that is as old as recorded history and as current as today’s headlines.

Antistan is a peaceful ant colony that grows a highly nutritious fungus in its underground farms. When the nomadic army ants of the Alpha Zee Colony discover the fungus, they realize they will no longer have to migrate constantly to find food a single meal of fungus will allow their soldiers to fight three times as long, their workers to work faster and longer, and the Queen to lay eggs almost endlessly.

What, if anything, can the docile workers of Antistan do to protect their fungus and their way of life? 

Book Price: $20.00