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Reggie Rivers is a former Denver Bronco, Media Personality, 
Benefit Auctioneer, Motivational Speaker, Master of Ceremonies and Author

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The Football is the Customer

Brought to you by Former Denver Bronco Reggie Rivers

Former Denver Bronco Reggie Rivers shares one of the lessons from his innovative speaking series titled, “The Business of Football: Strategies from the gridiron that will grow your business.” Never before has an athlete so clearly connected the actions of football teams to the metrics of business. Rivers helps companies see their goals in a whole new light.

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The Business of Football: Strategies from the gridiron that will grow your business…

Is an entertaining, informative, inspiring and hilarious presentation that takes the audience deep inside the NFL to learn the habits that players, coaches and teams use so effectively.

When Reggie Rivers retired from the NFL, he was shocked to discover how different the business world was from the football world. But he also noticed something very interesting: The companies and individuals who performed best were those that acted most like football teams and/or football players.​

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