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Testimonials for Reggie’s performances as an Auctioneer,

Master of Ceremonies, and Motivational Speaker


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♦ American Council of the Blind, Barbara Boyer
♦ Latin American Education Foundation, Jim Chavez

More Auctioneer Testimonials:

♦ “In addition to giving a motivational and entertaining speech, Reggie assisted with the special appeal portion of the program. He brought with him, footballs signed by himself and other Broncos alum, with the idea of “selling” the balls at 250.00 each. The result of this idea surpassed my expectations! We sold 39 footballs at the event, raising almost 10,000 on their sales alone! These footballs, with Reggie driving the appeal, were wildly successful in supporting our program. Awesome!!”
Heather Vesgaard, Associate Director
Partners Mentoring Youth

♦ “Reggie Rivers has been our professional auctioneer for the Latin American Educational Foundation Gala and Golf tournament for many years. He always entertains our guests, bringing his great wit and energy to the room. Reggie has that genuine ability to connect to the audience, and making personal connections to the guests. Our auctions have been financial successes because Reggie comes prepared, full of enthusiasm and knows how to engage the crowd!”
Jim Chavez, Executive Director
Latin American Educational

♦ “I had to write to you immediately as I am so thrilled with the results of our event, Dinner in the Dark, last evening. YOu made it not only a memorable night for our guests, but helped us raise over $16,000 in the Live Auction and additional donations received during the evening. This is extraordinary for ACBCO! In the past the highest amount we’ve raised at one of these events was slightyly under $6,000 total. The additional $10,000 we raised was totally a result of how you presented our message, engaged the audience and contributed additional personal items. 100% of the funds from last evening will be allocated to our Sight for Seniors program.”
Barbara Boyer, Executive Director
American Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired of Colorado (ACBCO)

♦ “The Colorado Haiti Project would like to sincerely thank you for joining us at Evening for Haiti … we have since heard over and over again how much FUN the event was — thanks to your participation. Your easygoing banter with the audience, and your entertaining style in getting everyone to join in, were wonderful to watch.”
Susan Place Everhart, Executive Director
Colorado Haiti Project

♦ “We are so grateful to Reggie Rivers. This year he turned our annual fundraiser around, and made it into an extraordinary event! Reggie engaged with our guests quickly with genuine warmth, and quick wit. He kept everyone motivated to participate and to enjoy their opportunity to give to help others. We exceeded our goal substantially with Reggie’s ability to MC and also serve as a very capable auctioneer. Reggie went above and beyond and added appeal and excitement to the bidding process by providing autographed footballs for bidders that made generous donations. We highly recommend Reggie to any organization that wants a fun spirited atmosphere and a positive outcome for their fundraiser! Reggie you are the best!”
E.J. Barklage, Executive Director
Karis Community

♦ “We had Reggie Rivers as both our auctioneer and master of ceremonies at our 2013 Auction Kick-off event.  What a great night!  Reggie is an expert on working a crowd; he engaged our guests and inspired them to give.  The feedback we received was spectacular; Reggie was the highlight of the night!  Thank you for everything, we could not have had such a successful event without your support.”
Brandi Pelz, Assistant Director of Development
Denver Jewish Day School


Motivational Speaker

♦ “Reggie was our opening keynote at our 2012 annual conference. He spoke to over 600 city and town leaders about his observations concerning what it takes to be a leader based upon his time as a Denver Bronco under the great coach, Mike Shanahan. While the anecdotes were based on his football career, Reggie’s clarity, poise, and eloquence about leadership scored much more than a touchdown with our folks. I think his observations absolutely set the right tone for the rest of our conference, and our folks continue to ask me “when can we get Reggie back!”

I can’t say enough about his presentation and what he will do to make your conference special. If you are looking for an entertaining and informative talk about leadership and life, then Reggie Rivers is your guy.
Sam Mamet, Executive Director
Colorado Municipal League

♦ “We had Reggie Rivers as the keynote speaker for our 2013 winter conference of the elected officials of Wyoming cities and towns – an audience of about 200, including many mayors and council members.  These community leaders come to the conference wanting to be taught and inspired.  It would be an understatement to say that Reggie Rivers was equal to the occasion.  He was a huge hit!  I have worked on many such conferences, but none where the audience was more enthusiastic about the keynote.

Reggie’s theme was leadership.  His story includes lessons learned from those who have been great leaders for him, such as former Denver Bronco head coach Mike Shanahan.  Reggie adds his own  experiences of how to take setbacks in stride and keep progressing.  What I liked most was his manner.  There wasn’t the slightest hint of a pampered sports professional.  Our people were totally comfortable with Reggie – the communication could not have been better.  It is clear that he believes in people, and is totally sincere about helping others become the leaders they have the potential to be.

I am happy to extend my thanks to Reggie Rivers, and my wholehearted endorsement – he did a great job at our conference!”
George Parks, Executive Director
Wyoming Association of Municipalities

♦ “I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Reggie Rivers over the past several years.  Talk about someone who can rally a crowd and capture an audiences’ attention – that’s Reggie!  Never without a clever come-back to any situation or scenario, Reggie ALWAYS has the client’s best interest in mind. He arrives at an event having done his homework on the audience and the organization he is representing; he is a pro through and through! I would definitely recommend Reggie for any event that you want guests walking away saying, “WOW! That was amazing!”
Kelli R. Kindel, Event Guru & Gofer
Kelli Kindel Events, Inc.

♦ “What a breath of fresh air Reggie was at our Applewood Business Association luncheon on October 10th. We have many speakers, all of which are good, but Reggie was different. He talked easily about his experience in football, his experience in radio and TV, his experience in furthering his journalism career and then his writing career. Of course, you probably know about all that. What I wanted to share was how simply engaging Reggie is. I watched him as we made our own introductions around the room and he took notes on what people do, and then incorporated that information into his talk, often using the information to further engage the audience and of course create some humor. The feedback I got after the meeting was tremendous. Having Reggie as a speaker helped us sell more tickets for the luncheon and create excitement in the organization about the quality of our speakers. I will definitely recommend Reggie to other organizations I am involved with for possible appearances.”
Sean Plumb. President, US Bank
Board of Directors, Applewood Business Association

♦ “You are a very special man, one who is focused on others and gives himself away very generously.  Thank you for sharing yourself so generously with all of us at Universal Lending Corporation.  I have heard nothing but great things about your involvement in our Company Meeting … I am a raving fan, as well.  You have an unmistakable way of having others focus on ‘what they can do’ and the power of personal determination.”
Bob Heavers,
Universal Lending Corporation

♦ “It was indeed a wonderful event and we so appreciated your charm, insights and easy rapport with the audience. The greatest thing we got out of your talk was that we are too focused on our goal of becoming the Realtor’s Lender and less focused on the behaviors to get there. So…we are working on a strategy and tactics to remind our employees of behaviors they can do every week to reach the goal. And this my brilliant friend, comes from you and the great lesson you taught us about the difference between goals and behaviors.”
Vanessa Gower Coates/Marketing Director
Universal Lending Corporation

♦ “I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your time at Summit High School.  Your presentation was AWESOME, and it clearly resonated with staff and students alike.  Our students are still talking about it, and our teachers have called you the best speaker to date.  We look forward to working with you in the future!”
James Smith, Assistant Principal
Summit High School

♦ “We wanted to let you know how grateful and appreciative we are for the time you spent with our students at Hulstrom K-8. Our students and staff were very captivated and truly enjoyed your stories. Most importantly, we all enjoyed your message to work hard and always do your best. We wanted to send a very special thank you for the fact your time was donated! What an incredibly generous act and gift! It meant so much to a school on a limited budget. Thank you, again, for your time and words!”
Steven T. Isenhour, Principal
Hulstrom K-8, A School for Advanced Academics and Gifted Education

♦ “Thank you for making our joint chapter meeting of the National Management Association such a success. I have heard nothing but excellent feedback. Your talk was very realistic and down-to-earth”
Marlene Manown, Counselor
C.H.O.I.C.E. Advisors

♦ “Thanks for the laughs and inspirational words at the Cheyenne Challenge Breakfast. People still chuckle at your imitation of John Elway. Not only did you draw some 150 of the top community leaders, you also made some great impressions and brought smiles to a lot of faces.”
John Nigh, Chairman – Cheyenne Challenge Breakfast
Boy Scouts of America

♦ “This is our second time having a Keynote for our Success Summit and Reggie Rivers was very well received. His humor and ability to bring us into the NFL really added to the education we got from his presentation. The use of stories and specific examples really drove his point home. We got tremendous feedback and people asking us to bring him back. Thanks in part to Reggie we had a very successful event.”
Kevin Amolsch
Pine Financial Group, Inc

♦ “My highlight was the main speaker Reggie Rivers. Given the analogy of his football career and how it developed over the years. Also how the coach Mike S. brought the football players, office staff, and everyone else involved in the organization to become part of a team and how everyone will benefit winning the Superbowl! To lead by rewarding not demanding. Explaining the objective of why things are done a certain way so each person understands their job and the action required to obtain the bigger picture. I have to say I have picked up several gold nuggets from his speech that I will work to implement in my business career going forward.”
Carl J Richell III
Shadow and Light Corporation

♦ “You had inspiring things to say to all of us, and I sincerely congratulate you on your ability to enjoyably articulate a basic message to a diverse group. If you made half the impression on others that you made on me and some of my staff, we can consider this day a huge success.”
Jean Helburg, Recreation Manager
City of Fort Collins Cultural, Library and Recreational Services

♦ “Everyone involved thought your message about average people succeeding when they get out there and work for something was a great one. I hope many of those seventh graders were listening!”
Jacquie Huffaker and Suzie Simons, Newspapers in Education Coordinators
The Pueblo Chieftain

♦ “The most often repeated statement was ‘you were the BEST graduation speaker that Arriba-Flagler has EVER had.’ You are to be commended for such an outstanding performance and for having such a powerful influence on our graduates and the community.”
Mark A. Ricken, Superintendent of Schools
Arriba-Flagler Consolidated School District

♦ “You not only delivered a superb message, but an enjoyable one as well. Your mix of personal anecdotes, humor and insight were most enjoyable. I have heard nothing but praise for the comments you made to our graduating seniors.”
Doug Arson, Ag Education Instructor, Senior Class Sponsor
Haxton School District

♦ “Mr. Rivers was without a doubt the best I have ever heard. It is a major accomplishment to give a speech at an event like this and have everyone in the audience be sorry when you finish. He was though-provoking, articulate and funny.”
Sharon Gorham, Parent
Mile High Adventist Academy

♦ “Our students left with a positive impression of Reggie that will remain with them for a long time. He spent so much of his own time with our kids as he participated in a candid interview for their school television show. He not only made them feel very welcome, but conveyed a message that he is not only a valued professional athlete, but an outstanding human being that listens to and cares about young people.”
Rudy F. Malesich, Principal
Lake County Intermediate School

♦ “Mr. Reggie Rivers voluntarily spent the morning talking and listening to violent youthful offenders who are sentenced to the Colorado Department of Corrections. I suspect that you may already have knowledge of Mr. Rivers’ capabilities. Reggie was extremely generous with his time and represents the Denver Broncos Organization very well. His verbal skills, attitude, integrity and values are such that he would be an asset to any organization.”
Warren T. Diesslin, Director, Western Region
Colorado Department of Corrections

♦ “I want to thank you for speaking to the employees of Fuller & Company this morning. You are an unbelievably effective communicator.
Bruce Wilson, Executive Director, Finance
U.S. West, Inc.

♦ “I was blown away to think that you had read their newspapers, remembered their stories and made specific reference to them in your comments. I didn’t expect you to go to the trouble it takes to do that. However, that is exactly what makes you who you are. You gave them valuable, specific, helpful information that will help them in their future journalism endeavors.”
Suzanne Vaughn, Parent

♦ “Thank you so very much for serving as our commencement speaker yesterday at graduation. As I listened to your address, I was so impressed at how positive your message was. Your speech was very well received. Many, many parents, family members, visitors, staff and graduates remarked to me about the deep significance of your words.”
John S. Burwell, Principal, Rifle High School

♦ “Your address was superb! It said what the students and parents needed to hear in an entertaining and informative manner.”
Shirley LeMoine, Parent, Rifle High School

♦ “Reggie was delightful to work with and he made the ULC meeting a huge success.  Everyone enjoyed his football stories, his humor and also his motivating speech customized to the mortgage industry.  It was a real treat to have him be a part of the meeting.”
Shanti, Rave Reviews

♦ “I am a freshman at Fountain Valley School. Your speech was so motivational and I was so moved. I loved that you were so funny, it definitely kept me interested and it was the best all school speech I’ve heard. I loved that you had personal experiences and that you used examples of really life stories, it really brought your point home. I’m now doing my best not to judge without knowing a person’s backstory and I’m trying not to blame/judge groups of people for one person’s actions. Thank you so much for flying down from New York to talk to us. I really appreciated it and it was so exciting to have one of our own Broncos on stage.”
Mattie Gallagher, Freshman, Fountain Valley School

♦ “He was Da Bomb.  Period.”
Head of School, Fountain Valley School

♦ “Your remarks were the perfect kick-off for what proved to be a very exciting day!”
Jane Page, Project Director, World Affairs Challenge
University of Denver

♦ “He was amazing. I know nothing about football and was planning on doing some homework, but he got my attention and held it the entire time. A+++++++++++”
Staff Member, Fountain Valley School

♦ “I have not heard one bad comment about him! He was an amusing and incredibly charismatic speaker. He was able to get his point across in a way that seemed very personal and down-to-earth. Also, he earned a lot of respect for flying all of the way out here just to speak with us–I mean since he showed up he must be a good guy right? Just joking, he was able to clearly articulate his point and use examples deftly to improve comprehension. In the end, he turned out to be the best Unity Day speaker we have had in my four years here.”
Staff Member, Fountain Valley School

♦ “He was an awesome speaker, definitely a lot more personal than I thought he would get. I like that we had a speaker that could mix humor and seriousness and still get an awesome point across!”
Staff Member, Fountain Valley School

♦ “He was a great speaker: calm, confident, smiling.  He rolled with it all and was spontaneous yet also focused and had a message.  great speaker.”
Staff Member, Fountain Valley School

♦ “He was perfect.  His message was clear without making any controversial comments.”
Staff Member, Fountain Valley School

♦ “He got a 49ers fan to cheer for the Broncos.”
Staff Member, Fountain Valley School

♦ “We had a fantastic time with Reggie. I have gotten so many kudos for the entire Unity Day (Reggie’s talk was followed by workshops about different cultures, etc. and then a closing performance)…but I know it is all because Reggie set the tone for the day, put everyone in a good mood and got everyone excited and pensive about life and diversity!”
Katherine Keen, Fountain Valley School


Master of Ceremonies

♦ “We hired Reggie for several AGC Colorado events, most recently our 600-attendee 2012 Industry Gala and ACE Awards. Reggie was a superb MC. His professionalism, creativity and humor made this one of the best Gala/Awards programs we’ve ever hosted – proven by the survey responses that we received from attendees. He is also a truly nice guy. I highly recommend Reggie!”
Kimberly Gill, Director of Membership & Marketing
Associated General Contractors of Colorado

♦ “This is the first time we have had a guest speaker/MC, and we had nothing but rave reviews. Reggie engaged the entire audience throughout the awards ceremony.”
Jami Baker-Orr, 2012 Chair
Pueblo Association of Realtors

♦  “Reggie emcees our annual golf tournament and is a talented personality that keeps people returning each year.  I would recommend Reggie for public speaking events as he is amazing and captivating.”
Shenia Ivey
H.O.P.E. Scholarship Foundation

♦  “Thank you again for serving as Master of Ceremonies for the Federal Cup 5K and Children’s Fun Run. I really can’t tell you how much it means to Federal employees to have you there. U.S. Government workers have had their fair share of difficulties and having you “on our side” has been a real morale booster. So, on behalf of all Denver Metro Area Federal employees, thanks!”
Bruce Kirschner, Program Director
U.S. Office of Personnel Management

♦  “A special thanks for being our Master of Ceremonies at the MWC Program. Everyone LOVED you!! Seriously, you added so much to our program, and we could not have had it be the success it was had you not been there. I hope you will be our MC again next year.”
Barb Cramer, MWC

♦ “We’ve never used a professional MC before and our post-event survey gave you very high marks! Thank you for your role in helping to make this one of our best ACE Awards events yet! I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Kimberly Gill, Director of Membership & Marketing
Associated General Contractors of Colorado


Rivers Enterprises

♦ “What a pleasure it was to work with you! The professionalism with which Rivers Enterprises operates is impressive, and I personally appreciated your communication and participation from start to finish.”
Heather Vesgaard, Associate Director
Partners Mentoring Youth

♦ “Thank you for all your help.  Your team was easy to work with and Reggie was great.”
Kevin Amolsch
Pine Financial Group, Inc