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Leading Others

Leadership vs. Authority is the perfect speech for business owners, managers, elected officials, coaches, teachers and anyone else who has the challenge of trying to manage and motivate a group of people.


This speech is full of anecdotes of specific strategies that NFL coaches use to get peak performance out of their players.



nyone with a title can have authority, and underlings will obey that authority — but only to the extent that they’re required to. Having a corner office does not make you a leader–it merely gives you authority, and sometimes a false sense of “leadership”. When an authoritarian walks into a room, people get quiet, evasive, resentful and resistant. A leader who relies on fear and power to force people to adopt his strategies, is no leader at all. As soon as he turns his back, his workers will stop doing whatever he has forced them to do.

By contrast, when a true leader walks into the room, his team is happy to see him. They want to follow him because they believe that he knows where he’s going, and they want to go with him.

Leaders lift people up. Leaders make people feel better about the work that they’re doing. Leaders set the vision for the organization. Leaders inspire. Leaders motivate. Leaders protect. Leaders develop. Leaders get the most out of their people in a way that helps their workers grow and expand rather than feeling like replaceable cogs in a machine.



eggie had the good fortune to play for NFL football coach Mike Shanahan, whom Reggie describes as “the best leader I have every experienced.” Coach Shanahan understood how to motiviate, inspire and get the best out of his players. He understood how to get a group of young, rich, egotistical and individually talented men to play as a team.

In this speech, Reggie details many specific anecdotes from his NFL career that are emblematic of challenges that every manager faces. Reggie explains how Shanahan responded to these challenge, how the players reacted and, most importantly, how these strategies will work in other leadership situations.



our audience will walk away with strategies that they can use to achieve the following goals:

 → How to recognize the difference between leadership and authority.
 → How to get your workers to discipline themselves when they makes mistakes rather than forcing you to be the disciplinarian.
 → How to empower your workers to take ownership of the process and use their creativity to find solutions.
 → How to get your workers to think and act like a team.
 → How to keep your entire team united and motivated despite the fact that certain players get all of the glory and credit, while players in the shadows–who are vital to your success–feel unappreciated and unmotivated.
 → How to build the trust of your staff so that they feel that you truly have their backs.
 → How to critique your workers in the “right” way so that they get the message and improve their performance rather than just being defensive and resistant to your input.
 → How to recruit customers, employees, partners, financing and other opportunities to your business.



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