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Reggie is an experienced professional speaker and
offers three kinds of speaking services

Motivational Speaker:

Reggie’s easy style, funny anecdotes and insightful stories about life in the NFL, allow him to connect to the audience and deliver a message of hope and optimism that makes people want to jump out of their chairs and go tackle the obstacles that have been standing in their way. Audiences all over the country have praised Reggie for helping them see their goals in an entirely new—and achievable—light. Reggie is the perfect “kickoff” speaker for any conference. He brings tremendous energy and humor and really puts people in the right frame of mind for the rest of the conference.


“Talk about someone who can rally a crowd and capture an audiences’ attention – that’s Reggie!” ~Kelli R. Kindel, Kelli Kindel Events, Inc.


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[sexybutton size=”medium” color=”default” target=”_self” url=”https://reggierivers.com/speaking/leading-others/” icon=”noicon”]Leading Others: Leadership Vs. Authority[/sexybutton]

[sexybutton size=”medium” color=”default” target=”_self” url=”https://reggierivers.com/speaking/leading-yourself/” icon=”noicon”]Leading Yourself: Overcoming Obstacles[/sexybutton]

Master of Ceremonies:

Reggie has served as a Master of Ceremonies for more than 1,000 events. He understands that the role of the MC is to keep the event moving, keep the program on schedule, while at the same time adding entertainment value to the event. His trademark quick wit, intelligent insights and creativity keep people engaged and give the event an infectious energy. If you’re in charge of planning your association’s next annual meeting, hire Reggie as your MC and all of your members will be singing your praises.


His professionalism, creativity and humor made this one of the best Gala/Awards programs we’ve ever hosted – proven by the survey responses that we received from attendees. ~Kimberly Gill, Associated General Contractors of Colorado

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Reggie just might be the funniest auctioneer you’ll ever see. He’s not a fast-talker who can sell 100 head of cattle or 100 used cars in an hour. But put Reggie in a room full of potential donors who are bidding on items to support a charity and watch him work his magic.He has a gift for understanding the ebb and flow of an auction, connecting with the audience, understanding the motivations of the bidders, pressing when he senses that there is more money to be made, and easing off when he senses that the bidders are done, and he always remembering that the rest of the audience should be entertained while the bidding is happening. As an auctioneer, Reggie has raised millions of dollars for charities.


»He always entertains our guests, bringing his great wit and energy to the room. Our auctions have been financial successes because Reggie comes prepared, full of enthusiasm and knows how to engage the crowd! ~Jim Chavez, Latin American Educational Foundation

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