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Rivers Enterprises Has a New Name!

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Starting over at age 47

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The Patriots: To Deflate or not to Deflate

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Following my internal GPS

Reggie Rives

Former Denver Bronco Reggie Rivers

I’ve hit a plateau. In the first 10 days of my 40-day diet, I lost about 9 pounds. But days 10 through 18 have hovered at the same level with no further downward movement. In the past, this is the point at which I would have quit the diet altogether.

But I’m not quitting this time.

It’s a 40-day diet, but it’s a 40-year-life change. I’ll be 47 years old next month. If I live another 40 years, I’ll be 87. That’s my goal.

I was driving to a meeting earlier this week, and it was in a part of town that I was unfamiliar with. My GPS kept telling me where to go, and I simply followed the instructions. Lo and behold, I reached my destination.

I realized that this was a metaphor for what I’m trying to do in my life.  So if I set healthy and happy at 87 as my destination, then it doesn’t matter how many twists and turns I make, my internal GPS will get me back on track.

When I make the wrong turn in my car, my GPS responds by recalculating the route.

“Make the next left turn,” the pleasant GPS voice says. She’s not angry. She’s not disappointed, and she hasn’t given up on me. She’s just practical. She recognizes that I’m off-target, and she determines the best way to get me back on track.

It doesn’t matter if my weight hits a plateau. It doesn’t matter if I have a bad eating day. The important thing is to listen to my internal GPS and keep moving toward the goal.

It’s not 40 days; it’s 40 years.

I’m heading in the right direction.


Make the Next Left Turn

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How do you like them apples?

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